Iceberg Project Services, Inc. was formed in 1997 as Total Integrated Project Services, Inc. Supplying complete project management services to oil & gas projects worldwide

In 2006, we renamed the company Iceberg Project Services, Inc.

Mission Statement

"What we can easily see may only be a small percentage of what we find. Planning is having the vision to see what is just below the surface; to look for that which is critical to success, but may be invisible to the eye." 

So many projects fail due to the unseen, the unplanned and the unbudgeted. Iceberg Project Services, Inc. mitigates these risks through surveys and planning.

Common Sense & Commitment

We believe that a common sense approach to projects is the best approach. Today many projects fail due to over the top management and the latest buzz word or idea of the day.

Our people are committed to our projects, we rarely work rotational basis, rather we work straight through the project schedule to maintain our focus, and avoid the loss of productivity due to hand-overs.

Health, Safety & Environmental

In a time when safety and environmental issues area a major concern, we remain just as deeply committed to HSE, each and every day. We see an unsafe or environmentally unfriendly project, as a project that is simply not worth doing and we pride ourselves in maintaining our values into the future.

Why an Iceberg?

When you think of an iceberg, you may think an obvious danger that becomes a disaster, such as the Titanic. At Iceberg Project Services, Inc. our name and logo represents our ability to identify challenges; the obvious ones, and also the hidden, which are just as important to recognize. Our experienced team guides our clients safely through all these challenges, thus turning project goals into results and reality.



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